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(60 minutes)

During your initial visit we will discuss your health goals, main concerns, lifestyle habits, and full medical history. The visit will also include a focused physical exam where indicated, and relevant lab testing. With this information we can determine an individualized treatment plan and start your journey to health!


(15, 30, 45, 60 minutes)

Follow up visits are used to check in on your progress. Any adjustments to your treatment plan or the review of follow-up lab testing can be done during this time. Any in-office treatments (acupuncture, IV therapy, physical exams, cupping, etc) will also be done as a follow up visit.

Note: 15 minute follow- ups are used for acute illness concerns only.


(15 minutes)

Never seen a naturopathic doctor and don't know what to expect?It's important to feel a connection and that you can trust your health care provider. The goal of this visit is to meet to discuss your health goals, and for you to learn more about my approach to healthcare. 

Note: No medical advice or additional services will be given during this appointment.


(30, 45, 60, 75 minutes)

Telemedicine involves naturopathic consultations via phone or secure video conference calls. This allows me to see patients for new patient intakes or follow up appointments from the comfort of your home. Supplement and pharmaceutical prescriptions can be filled and lab requisitions can be sent directly to Life Labs. This service is limited to patients in British Columbia during the time of their visit. If physical exams are required for assessment, you will be asked to book an in-office visit or will be referred to your family doctor for appropriate assessment.

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